Chemicals / Textile

1. Chemical fiber materials

As a sister company of Kolon, a major yarn manufacturer and the first company to produce nylon in 1957, we are well-recognized by our buyers for supplying the best quality yarn for textiles and industrial purposes.
Also, we are supplying the best quality PET resin, a raw material for PET bottles and textile yarn, Film.

PET stands for Poly Ethylene Terephthalate, which is a kind of plastic resin. PET is the raw material used for the production of film and yarn, as well as carbonated drink and other drink bottles.
  • PET chip bottle - used as drink bottles, cooking oil bottles and container for food storage
  • PET chip film - used as food packing film and sheets
  • PET chip filament - used for yarn
3. Yarn / fiber
With our accumulated global information network and human resources, and expansion of supply network, we provide various types of yarns and filaments that customers want. Recently, by providing high-quality, high value-added products such as super thin 0.001 denier yarn, spandex, full dull and cation dyeable yearn, we can meet demands of our customers.
  • Polyester filament yarn
  • Nylon filament yarn
  • Polyester Staple Fiber


Based on our abundant and specialized fertilizer trading (export, import, offer, three-country trade) know-how, we will be your partner in successful fertilizer business operation by providing detailed and rapid service that can meet the various demands of customers.

1. Fine chemicals

Based on our knowledge on product and marketing know-how, we can meet customer's demands on various industrial purposed chemical materials for super-absorbing resin, packing material, rubber chemical, cable material and other products. We are well renowned for trust and high-quality customer service in tire and rubber industry by supplying carbon black & various rubber chemical products.

2. Hygiene Componant

KOLON GLOBAL offers polyethylene films used in baby diaper, adult incontinence & sanitary napkin, and these films include breathable, non-breathable films and laminated film with non-woven fabric. We also supply frontal tape used in baby diaper.

Synthetic Resins

We supply general resin, engineering plastic and other various industrial polymers and resins to satisfy customer’s needs with expertise and marketing know-how.

Industrial materilas

Industrial materials business has accumulated trading knowledge for over 20 years and exports tire, coating, adhesive applications and water treatment chemicals, pulps, papers, and other fine chemicals.

Medicine & Others

We have been manufacturing and exporting finished medical supplies, raw material, intermediate materials, etc. As a future prospective operation of Kolon, we are equipped with BGMP facilities in order to promote it as a future main business, and manufacture and export medical supplies in excellent quality control standards. We have developed raw materials such as antibiotics, painkillers, ulcer medication, etc and supply them to domestic and overseas companies.

Fiber marerials
  • Breathable Fabric : Non-pourous type breathable treatment provides internal pressure and repellency for specific purposes.
  • Spandex Fabric : Highly flexible fabric using spandex provides comfort in activities
  • Silver Mix Fabric : Uses silver to provide excellent anti-electricity, anti-bacteria, and anti-odor functions
  • Quickdry Fabric : Using Kolon’s coolon, it provides comfortable fit with drying speed faster than cotton.
  • Full Dull Fabric : It provides luxurious luster of material with a dull look.

We offer fashionable, soft texture and drapable female formal dress material and blouse material made of 100% Polyester weight reduced and non-weight-reduced materials.

1. Industrial fabrics
Kony tarp, which boasts its 30 year history, is made of high impact polyester, has high quality, various colors, and strong durability. It has excellent reputations both in and out of the country and exports to over 30 countries all around the world including America and EU.
KOLON Kony tarp in line with tarpaulin history of KOREA
Kony-tarp which has over 30 years of brand value is pronoun of tarpaulin with vivid color, longevity and reasonable price.
  • Workability : Excellent productivity and workability by soft surface
  • Color : Various colors without discoloring
  • Width : Applicable by use
  • Durability : By using KOLON’s super thread, the durability is incomparably long.
2. Fabrics for bags and canopies

We are providing many European and American customers with a variety of gorgeous oxford fabrics which is affordable for bagpacks, daypacks, bicycle bags and other kinds of bags in the brand name of Hi-Ford. Our main items are nylon 210D, 420D plain and ripstop oxford, polyester 600D plain and ripstop oxford and many kinds of nylon and polyester dobby fabrics..
Our customers in Europe and the United States rank ours highend in the market which asks enough durability for canopies and tents.
Our main items are polyester 250D, 500D filament with the capability of anti-UV, fire resistance.


"We enhance your value with our best IT infrastructure technology"

KOLON GLOBAL, based on our best technical capabilities, offers one-stop service ranging from customer consulting to installation and service. Through our unique know-how, we are doing our very best to achieve complete customer satisfaction by understanding not only the needs of customers, but also the unrevealed factors that customers might not be aware of.

1.Business Strategy
  • SDI (Rormer AAP:Authorized Assembler Program)

    SDI (Solution Delivery Integration), IBM’s unique local assembly production program, is launched first in Korea, and fourth in the world. Through SDI, KOLON GLOBAL guarantees delivery time reduction, construction of on-demand structure on customer needs, and integrity of verified products.

  • Cross Premier Distributor

    KOLON GLOBAL, as an IBM cross premier distributor, offers proposed products that customers want such as Unix, NT, Storage in one-stop service anywhere, any time.

  • ValueNET

    We provided our customers with various loaded excellent solutions to customers in one-stop service (education market solution network, manufacturing solution network, etc) by forming a network with companies armed with competitive solutions.

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1. Introduction

Specialized data management is being required for the various organizations including enterprises as the amount of
data is increasing explosively and its form is also getting various as time goes. Under the strategic alliance with EMC, one of the
world-best information solution companies, KOLON GLOBAL offers the total system and the service solution for the optimized IT
environment and DB establishment, from which the customers can benefit the resource efficiency and productivity.

2. Product Information
  • EMC Storage Solutions

    Simple and Efficient Unified Storage


    EMC CX SERIES is the best unified storage with high capability meeting customers’ needs equipped with virtual provisioning,
    FAST cache, high-functioning flash drive(SSD), low electricity SATA and automatic data tiering (FAST).
    AX4, an economic entry level storage, offers data security and user convenience through CLARiX,
    which is designed with top notch RAID storage architecture.It also supports the SAS drive for high functioning and
    SATA drive of low-cost yet high-capability.

    AX4 / CX4-120 / CX4-240 / CX4-480 / CX4-960


    EMC NS SERIES is a economic unified storage supporting various access types from SAN, NAS, iSCSI to MPFS in a unified platform.
    Remarkably, NS-120, which is best suitable for small-sized operating environment, can be installed just within 15minutes after it is turned on.
    The product line up from the entry level to the high functioning enterprise level enables us to respond to any requests from customers.

    NX₄/ NS-120

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KOLON GLOBAL is strengthening the position in the global steel market.
Our steel operation actively exports all products of major steel manufacturers to Southeast Asia, Europe, and Middle East regions,
and our position as a major exporter in international steel market stands firmly based on the strategic partnership with the major global steel makers.


KOLON GLOBAL fills the role as a leader in the market.
As a main business partner of major steel manufacturers in Korea, we have successfully made a firm stronghold in international market. based on our expert knowledge on other steel products such as pig, billet, slab, hot rolled steel, cold rolled steel, electrolytic galvanized steel, pre-painted steel, tinplate, pipe, etc and marketing capability accumulated over 20 years.
Also, since 2000, we have been maintaining 2 times growth rate every year,
and in the near future, will lead steel export by satisfying the needs of the Middle East, Southeast Asia, European market, etc
and maintain cooperative partnership.

  • H-BEAM


1. Enenergy/Resources

Coal, one of the major resource for power generation along with petroleum, is consumed by Power Generators, Cement Indusries, and steel manufacturing Mills world wide. Korean coal consumption is wholey depended on import, and KOLON is contributing to those industries in need through stable supply.


KOLON has been taking part in Anthracite import business for more than 10 years until 1987, supplying Korean end-users anthracite from Vietnam, China and United States. From 1988, KOLON has moved its business interest into bituminous coal, focusing on supplying bituminous coal for power generating and steam production of Korean Industrial Power Generators. KOLON has been sourcing Chinese, Russian and Australian Bituminous more than 20 years, and are now still searching for competitive, reliable supplying partners in various countries for future groth opportunities.

3. Non-ferrous metals

KOLON is taking part in global sourcing of non-ferrous metals including Pb into korean Market. Urban mining, especially import of used resources for refinery, is also within our business interest. KOLON is looking forward to widening both span and size of non-ferrous metal business, with import and export license from related countries, required by Basel Convention.

4. Heavy water

KOLON is well recognized as reputable, reliable partner in Korean Thermal Market, for we have been a stable supplier of efficient and environmentally friendly coal to Korean gencos. In 1996, KOLON has also joined Coal Mine Development operation to secure foundation of stable energy supply in the future.